In this Warhammer 40k 10th Edition battle, The Black Templars face the World Eaters.

We would like to thank Games Workshop for making these 10th Edition Battle Reports possible by providing us with everything we need. #ad #adwip #leviathan #new40k #warhammercommunity

We use 2000pts of Black Templars and World Eaters in this battle! The index rules and points for these armies can be found and downloaded for free from Warhammer Community!


Learn to play 10th Edition with our blend of entertainment and education. If you are looking for an interactive Warhammer 40k coaching game, this will be perfect for you.

In this live battle report we will be using the Leviathan mission cards to generate a mission. The Armies will be comprised of a mixture of different units from the Index to show off each factions set of rules.

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Jack's Black Templars

Space Marines
Black Templars
Righteous Crusaders
Strike Force (2000 Points)


Captain in Terminator Armour (110 Points)
• 1x Relic weapon, 1x Storm bolter
• Enhancements: Perdition’s Edge

Castellan (105 Points)
• 1x Combi-weapon, 1x Master-crafted power weapon
• Enhancements: Tännhauser’s Bones

Chaplain Grimaldus (120 Points)
• 1x Chaplain Grimaldus
• 1x Artificer crozius, 1x Plasma pistol
• 3x Cenobyte Servitor
• 3x Close combat weapon

High Marshal Helbrecht (105 Points)
• 1x Ferocity, 1x Sword of the High Marshals

Marshal (95 Points)
• 1x Master-crafted power weapon, 1x Plasma pistol
• Enhancements: Sigismund’s Seal


Primaris Crusader Squad (320 Points)
• 1x Primaris Sword Brother
• 1x Heavy bolt pistol, 1x Power weapon
• 11x Primaris Initiate
• 5x Bolt pistol, 5x Bolt rifle, 5x Close combat weapon
• 8x Primaris Neophyte
• 4x Astartes chainsword, 4x Bolt pistol


Black Templars Impulsor (115 Points)
• 1x Armoured hull, 2x Storm bolter


Bladeguard Veteran Squad (200 Points)
• 1x Bladeguard Veteran Sergeant
• 1x Heavy bolt pistol, 1x Master-crafted power weapon
• 5x Bladeguard Veteran
• 2x Heavy bolt pistol, 2x Master-crafted power weapon

Eradicator Squad (95 Points)
• 1x Eradicator Sergeant
• 1x Bolt pistol, 1x Close combat weapon, 1x Melta rifle
• 2x Eradicator
• 2x Bolt pistol, 2x Close combat weapon, 2x Melta rifle

Hellblaster Squad (125 Points)
• 1x Hellblaster Sergeant
• 1x Bolt pistol, 1x Close combat weapon, 1x Plasma incinerator
• 4x Hellblaster
• 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Close combat weapon, 4x Plasma incinerator

Land Raider Crusader (255 Points)
• 1x Armoured tracks, 2x Hurricane bolter, 1x Twin assault cannon

Primaris Sword Brethren (150 Points)
• 1x Sword Brother Castellan
• 1x Astartes chainsword, 1x Heavy bolt pistol
• 4x Primaris Sword Brother
• 4x Astartes chainsword, 4x Heavy bolt pistol

Terminator Squad (205 Points)
• 1x Terminator Sergeant
• 1x Power weapon, 1x Storm bolter
• 4x Terminator
• 4x Power fist, 4x Storm bolter

Stephen's World Eaters

World Eaters
Berzerker Warband
Strike Force (2000 Points)


Angron (415 Points)
• Warlord
• 1x Samni’arius and Spinegrinder

Khârn the Betrayer (95 Points)
• 1x Gorechild, 1x Khârn’s plasma pistol

Lord Invocatus (155 Points)
• 1x Bolt Pistol, 1x Coward’s Bane, 1x Juggernaut’s bladed horn

World Eaters Master of Executions (110 Points)
• Warlord
• 1x Axe of dismemberment, 1x Bolt pistol
• Enhancements: Favoured of Khorne


Jakhals (75 Points)
• 1x Jakhal Pack Leader
• 1x Autopistol, 1x Jakhal chainblades
• 1x Dishonoured
• 1x Dishonoured chainblades
• 8x Jakhal
• 8x Autopistol, 8x Jakhal chainblades

Khorne Berzerkers (230 Points)
• 1x Khorne Berzerker Champion
• 1x Berzerker chainblade, 1x Bolt pistol
• 9x Khorne Berzerker
• 4x Berzerker chainblade, 4x Bolt pistol

Khorne Berzerkers (230 Points)
• 1x Khorne Berzerker Champion
• 1x Berzerker chainblade, 1x Bolt pistol
• 9x Khorne Berzerker
• 4x Berzerker chainblade, 4x Bolt pistol


World Eaters Rhino (85 Points)
• 1x Armoured tracks, 1x Combi-bolter

World Eaters Rhino (85 Points)
• 1x Armoured tracks, 1x Combi-bolter


Eightbound (310 Points)
• 1x Eightbound Champion
• 1x Lacerators
• 5x Eightbound
• 2x Eightbound eviscerators

Exalted Eightbound (180 Points)
• 1x Exalted Eightbound Champion
• 1x Eightbound chainfist, 1x Eightbound eviscerator
• 2x Exalted Eightbound
• 2x Eightbound chainfist, 2x Eightbound eviscerator

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