In the high-stakes universe of Warhammer 40K, strategy and sportsmanship are paramount. After resounding success at the LGT 2022 and the LVO 2023, the Vanguard Tactics Workshop is returning to the London Grand Tournament (LGT) in 2023 for an exceptional, in-person experience.

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Expert Guidance from Seasoned Coaches

Led by Stephen Box and the dedicated Vanguard Tactics coaches, this workshop is a blend of in-depth theory and hands-on practical lessons. It is meticulously designed to help you feel confident enough to compete against any opponent, on any mission, with any army.

A Clear Path to Victory

Stephen and the VT Team have one primary goal: to equip you with a concrete game plan, fostering a consistent, strategic approach to 40K. They are committed to guiding you through each match, ensuring you finish every game with clarity and a strong sense of the strategic decisions that were pivotal.

Beyond Winning – A Celebration of Sportsmanship

But it’s not just about winning. It’s about giving your best in every game, embodying sportsmanship and fair play, and offering every opponent a challenging, yet enjoyable match that keeps the outcome uncertain until the very end.

Calm Confidence for Every Battle

Feeling overwhelmed? The Vanguard Tactics coaches are there to instil a sense of composed assurance, enabling you to relish each game at the LGT and beyond with relaxed, focused enjoyment.


Proven Success, UK and USA

With extensive experience hosting workshops on both sides of the Atlantic, the Vanguard Tactics team places a significant emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play, encouraging participants to engage with 40K in the most rewarding manner possible. They have consistently helped players become shrewd decision-makers and skilled, lifelong participants in Warhammer 40K.

Meet Stephen Box – The Captain of Vanguard Tactics

Stephen Box is more than a coach; he’s a passionate ambassador for Warhammer 40K. With a BSc in Sports Performance and over 15 years of experience teaching and coaching elite athletes, Stephen is dedicated to enhancing the Warhammer 40K community.

Noteworthy Achievements:

  • Founder of Vanguard Tactics in 2019
  • Official play tester for Games Workshop since 2021
  • Exemplar of the Community Award 2023
  • Captain of the United Nations Warhammer team, WTC 2019
  • Multiple Grand Tournament Winner and Podium Finisher
  • Leading authority on teaching Warhammer 40K

Secure Your Spot!

  • Spaces: Limited to 40 participants
  • When: Friday 29th September, 3-8pm
  • Where: The Lee Valley Athletics Center, London, United Kingdom, N9 0AR
  • What You Need: A 2000 point army, tape measure, dice, your Codex, and the most up-to-date chapter approved.
  • Tickets: £120, available now on the LGT webstore via link below.

Spaces are first come, first served, so act quickly to enjoy this unparalleled training experience on the eve of the LGT.


  • Do I have to be attending the 40K GT to attend this workshop?

    • Absolutely not. This workshop is for anyone eager to elevate their gameplay, irrespective of attendance at the main event.
  • I am new to the game; is this workshop for me?

    • Yes! The workshop accommodates players of varying skill levels, ensuring a tailored and valuable experience for all participants.

Join us in this immersive experience that promises not just to refine your tactics but to redefine your approach to Warhammer 40K. Step into the vanguard with us!

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