The arcane universe of Warhammer 40K offers an array of factions, each oozing its unique appeal and strategy. Among them, the enigmatic Thousand Sons Combat Patrol boasts a blend of psychic dominance and tactical versatility that might intrigue both novice and veteran players alike.

As part of our series evaluating Combat Patrol boxes, we shall delve into the depths of this mysterious force, exploring how it functions on the battlefield and suggesting potential enhancements for your growing legion. Let’s embark on this magical journey.

What’s in the Thousand Sons Combat Patrol Box?
This starter set is a potent concoction for aspiring Chaos Sorcerers. It encompasses:

  • 1 Infernal Master
  • 5 Scarab Occult Terminators
  • 20 Tzaangors (spread across two units)

Perfect for those initiating their journey with the Thousand Sons or existing champions wishing to expand their arcane host.

How does the Thousand Sons Army Play?
The true might of the Thousand Sons lies in their grotesque ability to dispense mortal wounds via the Kindred Sorcery Detachment Rule. Psychic weaponry turns devastating wounds into mortal afflictions, urging you to muster as many sorcerers as possible. With the Cabal of Sorcerers Army Rule in the mix, the sorcerer count influences the generation of Cabal Points, further bolstering their psychic onslaught. The more the sorcerers, the more the rituals, ranging from elevating mortal wound outputs, to bonus movement and shooting phases, and even negating an adversary’s armour save.

What’s Good and Bad about this Box?
The Scarab Occult Terminators stand tall as this set’s backbone, being resilient and packing a punch both in range and close combat. The Infernal Master complements as a supportive character, brandishing handy abilities and ranged prowess.

The Tzaangors, though apt for screening and objective capturing, might leave you desiring for a more potent force. Their defensive and offensive capabilities seem somewhat limited.

Where to go from here?
Building upon this, sorcerous overlords like Ahriman or even the mighty Magnus the Red are formidable additions. Rubric squads, especially with Warpflamers, provide a robust offensive front. Bolstering your forces with another batch of Scarab Terminators is advised, making your opponent tremble with their potential psychic onslaught. Considering transportation, units like Landraiders and Rhinos become essential, even if they don’t contribute to Cabal Points. Forgefiends, Mutalith Vortex Beasts, and Tzaangor Enlightened further diversify your combat strategies, adding layers of complexity to your army composition.

In summation, the Thousand Sons Combat Patrol box scores a commendable 5/7 for its flexible foundation and the tactical depth it offers. While their psychic mastery remains their crown jewel, their diverse units promise a gameplay that’s rewarding and intricate. To the Prospero!

As we weave through the myriad mysteries of Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol boxes, stay tuned for more insightful analyses. And, now that you’re en route to mastering the Thousand Sons, why halt your march? Our “Start Playing Course” promises profound insights and strategies, moulding you into a strategic savant, regardless of your chosen faction. Embark on your Warhammer 40K odyssey today and see how your Thousand Sons fare on the battlefield!

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